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Websites are a key source to use in order to get your company out there. I use HTML and CSS in Dreamweaver, which helps structure the layout of a website. My main goal is to get the best result for the customers and give them a website that will increase their business. 

I use a combination of computer graphics and drawings to develop and enhance a customer's concepts and ideas. Initial ideas are shared with the customer and together we work to achieve a well presented website.

This is the main source thats enables me to stimulate my creativity. Every time I discover a new technical method when using photoshop or Illustrator, I'm able to come up with ideas and concepts for designs. I.e logos, brands, posters, banners, flyers.

I use social media to advert and promote businesses. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and youtube are all platforms that I regularly contribute to. Keeping up with trends ensures that I am ahead with the latest stories that are headlining the media and are a good way to get more views and trafficking.


I enjoy working with a range of different software programs and believe that what is worth doing is worth doing well. When interested in a project I can concentrate all my thoughts on it and will not deviate until I am satisfied with the result. I like to analyse every day activities and enjoy using the results of my analysis to move forward in decision making.

I have helped to build and brand companies, charities and businesses, which has involved designing websites, logos and promoting/advertising the company. I use social media to promote my business and network with other businesses and freelancers.  


Used this as the Favicon for "Basis" website.

A poster for The Blues Busters 

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